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 cheap guildwars 2 money

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PostSubject: cheap guildwars 2 money    Thu Sep 06, 2012 8:28 am

Sina Game News, May 18, Jinshan the seven dust vegetarian Division's 2D fantasy online game Gods 3 The game master planning Liu Hongbo introduced with the new service on the line, the country battle system will also be opening up for the first time, the opening of the country battle is different from the traditional setting, the operating behavior of the players can be triggered by specific conditions are met.
Jinshan the Seven Dust Lent Division vice president and chief master planning Liu Hongbo

Liu Hongbo said, look forward to some elements, such as automatic wayfinding function;, PK aspect of the game to emphasize one direction, the country focus on war will become. In his view, the traditional country war in countries form a battle for the link, server time as a standard, open between the different camps is no obligation on the PK period, can be understood as an online activity, you need to staff at a particular time within a given tie, actually belongs to the plug-country war, is not integrated into the game system.
The brilliant skill

Specifically, the game has five forces, each force has a commanding five forces of Lord cumulative kill 30 times, the next day will automatically open country war. Xiaobian think, relatively speaking, the more players the freedom to participate in the country battle, no longer limited to the time period prescribed by the official. Country battle system is officially open

country battle system introduces a variety of war elements, including the flight instruments, burrowed stealth. View, compared to the traditional battle against the way the players can have a more diverse combat experience, such as aerial appliances or similar tasks in the form of air Kills.
The territory presents

It is reported that the country battle system integrated into the concept of self-built city, the city has the degree of development, the development is based on certain indicators, there will be changes in the value. Occupation of the city will not be static, city mismanagement of development degree value is too low, it will automatically lose the right to ownership. Second, the development degree corresponding to the operating part urban operations mainly for strategic play,
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cheap guildwars 2 money
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