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 you cheap gw2 gold by

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PostSubject: you cheap gw2 gold by    Thu Sep 06, 2012 8:45 am

prior to this , the game has already conducted three tests , which stress test server operators Official in the test , eliminating the need for activation code , and the number of open beyond the previous scale , resulted in the influx of a large number of locusts players , the server has a series of unstable .

Currently, most of the game in closed beta and closed beta period , less the number of open server , so the limited number of players able to withstand the test . General game official activation code in the form of issuing a qualification test . However , many players have reaction , some popular game hype to sell activation code , real players can not get the activation code . fast travel world game error
in fast travel world this does not delete files closed beta , the official eliminating the need for activation code, no longer speculation activation code , game official underestimated the strength of the locusts players . The influx of a large number of players to the game server to cause the server to a series of instability . Frequent error many players enter the game , players reaction encountered an error pop- dozen times , but also some players receive spree inexplicably disappeared , followed by the server frequently retreated . The players question: really ready ?

a lot of players are very unhappy in the forum to vent their anger . However , frequent releases of the same type of problem posts will only bring a lot of repetitive work to the game officials , Xiao Bian recommended the player to temporarily shut down the game , and other official fix the problem then the server stability Login . (Edit : Walok )
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you cheap gw2 gold by
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