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 gw2 money gw2 gold

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PostSubject: gw2 money gw2 gold    Thu Sep 06, 2012 8:47 am

the spider Staff can make the enemy can not be moved; transfiguration stick himself turned into a monster, you can avoid most active attack monster attacks; the bursting Staff can reduce the opponent's defense; These are PK process very useful tool.
3, magic transmission syrup:

population PK, if a few people besiege you can use magic to send medicine, it can put you quickly transferred to the place near to be added after blood back to fight another day. PK, after all, not just belligerent, is the pinnacle of wisdom as well as the operation of the contest!
4, functional medicine and food:

Either escape or chase, will have certain advantages. PK before the Knight can eat the courage Pharmacy, in order to improve the attack force. In addition, bear bile, eggs can improve the strength and agility of the food is also good.
5, Healing Potion:
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gw2 money gw2 gold
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