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 q b wh qu kb rs gold

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PostSubject: q b wh qu kb rs gold    Thu Sep 06, 2012 8:52 am

increasingly mature FPS game, the screen is very important to let players find the immersive feel. Players can simulate the human or wolf inside the gun battle, shooting and other operations. Smart character design, allowing the player no longer boring!
form of rich, each have their own!
a bad mood, Bodily harm healthy way to vent some of their drinking, smoking, it is better to seek pleasure in the Its unique wolf system, the the rich wave form players bored! Super Madden cyclone wolf, the force pulling supremely defense wolves, the frozen wolf control and strong, and so on, allows you to instantly experience the thrill of tearing opponents! form of rich, each have their own
knife melee stimulus flavoursome!
tired of boring shootout, the bloody zombie players, Only need to select in the settings, will be able to achieve the desire of a knife Experience the people closest war! knife melee stimulus flavoursome!
In addition, the battle system, firearms comparison, modification system, so FPS bid farewell to the past!
more exciting content all in not meant SINA Corporation agr
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q b wh qu kb rs gold
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