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 gw2 money gw2 gold

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PostSubject: gw2 money gw2 gold    Thu Sep 06, 2012 8:56 am

yesterday officially released around the R & D log 2 new ways and settings, quoted Activision's official description : a key figure in the military) and Gentek ( Blackwatch of Science and Technology Organisation ) , absorbed them and get their memory , and thus control the direction of the quests plot . The following tease swim small elegance with a taste of it .
video shots
from the official video can be judged , Players can issue a radar - like skills to detect the position of the staff , and then cast the series dodge to Often players will spend too much time in the collection of all kinds of energy and debris , so this setting is quite consistent players taste , of course , some slightly heavier .

more information about the

Statement : Sina gaming channel posted this article for the purpose of transmitting information , not meant SINA Corporation agree with their views or confirm the description .
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gw2 money gw2 gold
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