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 guildwars 2 money gold

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PostSubject: guildwars 2 money gold    Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:12 am

REVIEW: the Shenma test agent from Shanghai gale RossoIndex online games In the test on the eve of the game Sina exclusive interview game product manager Shen Liang, and get a set of the latest game screenshots. Shen Liang said that part of the test is not yet open, but the guild system and the horses will Shenma test highlights.
Sina Game News, March 10, the Shanghai gale agent first 3D fantasy online game Sina game an exclusive interview with
product manager Shen Liang

It is reported that the Shenma test guarantee program run stable, smooth and do the local directional pressure test. Version of the game is still in the optimization and adjustment, there are still some of the content is not yet open. However, the test will launch a unique guild system, horses, innovative large country warfare.
difficult to get started in the game, said Shen Liang started not complicated, because it is a stress the teamwork strategy game, support two-way operation of the keyboard and mouse. At the same time, he also said that the game will be permanently free.
In addition, (Nowhere)
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guildwars 2 money gold
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