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 cheap gw 2 money rs gold

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PostSubject: cheap gw 2 money rs gold    Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:14 am

It is reported that the Shenma test guarantee program run stable, smooth and do the local directional pressure test. Version of the game is still in the optimization and adjustment, there are still some of the content is not yet open. However, the test will launch a unique guild system, horses, innovative large country warfare.
difficult to get started in the game, said Shen Liang started not complicated, because it is a stress the teamwork strategy game, support two-way operation of the keyboard and mouse. At the same time, he also said that the game will be permanently free.
In addition, (Nowhere)





Last broadcast >>>


Sina gaming industry information >>>
Sina see game test operation to open a new era of game information >>>

below for the interview on February 21 Record:

Sina game: test why is it called the the Shenma test it? Is consistent with buzzwords it?
product manager: not simply just to cater to the trend, This test we will be surrounded by this feature to organize some fun activities, allowing the user to understand the characteristics of the system faster and more in-depth.
Sina game: The main purpose of the test?
product manager: this test is to ensure that the program is running stable, smooth and do partial the directional pressure test. Technical tests, the test version of the game is still in optimization and adjustment, still part of the contents is not yet open, and I would urge players understanding. More exciting content will be opened up to the post-test details, please pay attention to the official website of
Sina game: Where are the highlights of the test? What interesting things occur?
product manager: unique guild system, horses, innovative large country battle will be the highlight of our game As for how many interesting things to welcome you to our Tutorial launch it?
product manager: This is a stress teamwork strategy game, is not complicated to use, support for two-way operation of the keyboard and mouse. Our official website will continue to update the Raiders as well as players experience, let everyone experience the fun of the game in the same growth as the technology-based players.
Sina game:
product manager: Game of permanent free
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cheap gw 2 money rs gold
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