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 game gw2 gold

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PostSubject: game gw2 gold    Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:18 am

game by killing monsters or complete the task to get the the loyalty value Weapons practice to 15 when the first talent point, after each upgrade two weapons grade, a weapon talent points, players can enhance their skills through these talent. In addition, each job has two kinds of applicable weapons in the game. Practice after the talent of different types of weapons are different, which means that each player can have two different talent trees, but note that only armed with weapons in order to get Unable to get. Weapons to develop step by step. weapon talent tree
each weapon upgrades are capped, not endless practice upgrade replaced with new weapons in players will be faced to re-develop the troubled. Although you can through the game's level down by one, the player can choose to avoid the weapons and reduce the level of This design allows the players after the replacement of new weapons is likely to need to spend a lot of time to practice, to develop new weapons. Each class has two kinds of applicable weapons take into account the new advanced weapons dilemma might make more players. To this end, the game R & D may also weapons develop data some adjustments. the weapon fusion
hire someone to do the task reward system should pay attention to the fair

reward system is one of the characteristics of the system in the the task of publishing their own access to the Reward standings, accepted by the other players and agents to accomplish this task, complete the task remuneration paid by the publisher can receive. Publish and accept the reward task are required to pay a certain fee, and publishing tasks players need to pay certain incentives as a reward for successful completion of the reward task players, published Reward task during release the person is unable to deliver the task is not completed within the prescribed time limit will be automatically returned to the system. Players receive reward task in addition to pay the processing fee had to pay 200 silver deposit, the the reward task failure deposit system automatically sent to Reward people, otherwise it will be returned to the tasks recipient. the reward system

reward system will undoubtedly strengthen the interaction before the players, but also gave the players a The release of the task by the players decide to accept them and reward, this design has some playability, good reward system is a win-win situation for most players. Reward system also exist some problems, such as the reward task time limit set by the publisher, if the player does not have to accept the task in a limited requirement reward task, the deposit will be automatically transferred to the task released, there may be Some players will deliberately released demanding reward task to turn to make a deposit. Game development needs of the reward system to make some adjustments and perfect to safeguard the fairness of the game. (Edit: Rouge)
in 2012 the Blizzard a joint RIOT news conference
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game gw2 gold
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