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 gw2 gold site

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PostSubject: gw2 gold site    Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:29 am

Triumph floral patterns: the game requires some innovation, I think too faithful to the original boring, we all read the book, seen the TV series, the plot is basically also know, if they take the old road is always exhausted, I feel that extend some additional story is also very good on the inside, such as various family opening plot is a separate story. Small series of

: a 3D turn-based online games in the industry last year was a heated discussion, there were a lot of people think that 3D turn very tasteless, how you feel in the game?
Triumph floral patterns: I feel very good, and the beautiful picture than some 2D Round class online, you can shift the perspective, be able to multi-angle observation role I like. There may be some players miss the previous 2D games can be a machine to open the case, but now people concentrate better, and I think it is also good. I think it is worth a little sacrifice screen.
small: game novices get started link on how well? If I was a novice players to enter the game when watching tutorial to quickly familiar with the game?
Triumph floral patterns: basically played other online players to enter the game can quickly familiarize novice tutorials do a good job, some depth increased exchanges and discussions between the players, the Society has played a such a role.
small: The game is not what makes you feel impressed by the characteristics of the system?
Triumph floral patterns: I think this is a MM like the game, because the role of women beautiful people, the interchangeable beautiful clothes a lot, especially now after the suit put on the role displayed than before Fantasy Westward Journey only weapon shape is not the same, the clothes are the same player more personality. 30 open dance system, different roles have different dance.
Xiaobian: game what the inadequacies need to improve, or playing games when not want to recommendations made by the game official.

Triumph floral patterns: I liked the game, but still some areas that need to improve. Damn game anti-hook verification code to crash, in order to prevent the phenomenon of hang officially adopted the form of the image verification code, but the poor picture quality verification code, I often incorrectly been kicked out, and this phenomenon is more common many players have encountered. Official can verify the code picture quality improve or simplify some. Addition Players Association, said the mall where the horse is too expensive, some cheap.
small: Thanks for the interview with Sina game, I wish the game enjoyable. (Edit: Walok)

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gw2 gold site
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