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 cheap guildwars 2 money gold

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PostSubject: cheap guildwars 2 money gold    Thu Sep 06, 2012 11:20 am

Huangjin Bin: Yes, the first time the the beta well is expected to achieve the company's goals. Period of forty days in the first test process, we found that the stability of the core issues of the impact of client and server-side, at the same time receive a total of more than 400 players effective recommendations on, covering almost every aspect of the game content. Enthusiastic help of friends of the players,

Or belong to a strictly limited number of tests it?
Huangjin Bin: Yes, secondary packaging and testing is still a limited number of test. We will continue to take a pragmatic attitude This is the

Sina game: Can you tell us about the operating plan Qishan
Huangjin Bin: First: After the second test, have a cool in the end. Only when the products that our R & D efforts, allowing players the experience of more than 80% are satisfied and recognition, will consider formal operations. This is the basic play every concern and select
Sina game: Thank you very much accepted Sina game interview, I wish this Qishan
Huangjin Bin: thank Sina games give us a chance to communicate with the players, an
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cheap guildwars 2 money gold
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