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 rs money rs gold gw2 money

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PostSubject: rs money rs gold gw2 money    Thu Sep 06, 2012 11:39 am

open the primary task of the novice stage, after the players acceptable special task - Experience advanced gameplay. The system will give players donated money.
2, the open 轻功 play Auxiliary the dodge (miscellaneous school)
3, opening up the a 7 Xinshoucun adventures tasks.
4, open spying caught fry escort forage involves power relations play, the other will be open to the Imperial City to run business systems and supporting play the (robbery provider, Detective, prison raids).
5, opened three of the state capital, are blue state, the state capital, and the state capital, players can in a Xinshoucun by task choose to join a state capital.

6 kill hostile state capital members get feats, feats at the NPC Bao Zheng in exchange for God jade available to donate to the national prestige prestige score was decided the state capital of the
7, open gangs systems, players can create their own gang and to attract members of the same state capital. The number of gang-free limit.
8, open Imperial City battle with artillery siege vehicles, catapults. Kamikaze kite only in Xinshoucun open experience.
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rs money rs gold gw2 money
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