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 buy r smoney rs gold

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PostSubject: buy r smoney rs gold    Thu Sep 13, 2012 10:43 am

REVIEW: 2.5D game games operated by the Beijing hi The test will be open six career product manager zunger said.
Sina exclusive game reviews: Compared with similar products on the market feature is the use of the 2.5D game screen combined with 3D character modeling, combined with a strong sense of combat action class online experience shape. Overall, the game much like melted down by the previous
Sina Game News, July 22, 2.5D online games operated by Beijing hi game On the eve of the packaging and testing, hi game product manager zunger accept Sina game an exclusive interview, said the game will be open to all Senki, legend, rumor, and myth barriers.
Advanced strength scrolling
data zunger introduced, in addition to all the basic system of the game, such as mall, store, strengthen, pets, guild, friends, role selection, suits and other system, , in the first beta, will open six occupations open to all players, including magician, healer, Knight, Assassin, operating the puppet masters, slime and other. Zunger revealed that these six occupations is rudimentary in closed beta and subsequent versions of the game, players will experience more unique career. , Packaging and testing will be open to all Senki, legend, rumor and myth 1 points. The players are more concerned about the PVP system, packaging and testing to fully experience.

People of the original painting
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buy r smoney rs gold
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