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 buy runescape money rs gold

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PostSubject: buy runescape money rs gold    Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:03 am

variety of dazzling magic skills in real life , but he and the real world , everyone playing different roles . People like to make use of the virtual world to accomplish things that can not be completed in the reality of the game , but there are many contradictions and disputes . There are so of some malicious injured others behavior martial arts class online games the Together to look it !
the game screen
riotings inevitable protection measures without delay
knight Tales restricting the corresponding modification of the values ??in the game . Murder : access to national prestige adjust the upper limit of 200 points a day , more than 200 points will no longer be national prestige . Such changes effectively reduce the desire of players malicious PK . Is also a charity !
game scene
also novice players a clean game environment
simultaneously kill his country top ten players , national prestige doubled . Double the national prestige mode character attributes interface Kills value of green, normal to get the reputation as a white , full 200 points will no longer be national prestige red. Balance adjustments in advocate PK while also protecting the interests of the part of the innocent people killed players .
knight Biography
PK is a double-edged sword
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buy runescape money rs gold
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