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  Hot not only the air, but also the

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PostSubject: Hot not only the air, but also the    Tue Dec 04, 2012 9:54 am

Hot not only the air, but also the mood of the the To celebrate the new service opens Mall props
water properties Undine probably every players dream pet , the highest 8000 qualification so adventurous mutation jealous endless . This material is the Bing world of Reiki students , so the dragon of mainland extremely scarce on only high strength definitely brave to have . The players simply open Jubao bags , will acquire this rare pet .
the game screenshots Undine
shape pull the wind cool , at the same time has the Chocobo is also very fast moving speed of a foregone conclusion Jubao bags . Prior to the official in the Forum activities as a prize gift players , players praise recognized Chocobo handsome horse , not one ! Fortunately, you will not called the Knights of the envy of everyone ?
well as the evolution of the white gold of the the super practical value 10000 Crystal hook caught the gold card pet essential as long as 30 days , the same bag from Jubao out . In addition, you can open the elemental king used to kill all kinds of essence , only the BOSS to drop the various types of flawless crystal , as well as meditation syrup , Senior reel , pyroxene , the inverse of Health secret drug Value props , etc. !
assortment of props has to make you envious intolerable ? More people can not refuse , so to force super packs only 450 white gold , there is something more cost-effective than it ! The players you Do not miss our special offers ! More Stay tuned to the official website of the Dragon conti
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Hot not only the air, but also the
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