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 buy rs money rs gold

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nature KartRider focus, happy planet is players easy, carefree living in the game, and get to know more friends and increase their social circle. happy planet loving Figure
Sina game: look at the picture of the How currently Feedback?
Gu Qing: of course, from the picture style, the game is very fresh and lovely. Style from the game point of view, the age of the game the crowd will be lower, and the actual situation of the South Korean operators, the game on the 20-year-old crowd attractive is very large, and the relative proportion of the female players with other games is also very high. the image

of KartRider Sina game: Tiancity operators Korean game accumulated experience? What is the experience in the localization can help the century the Tiancheng more suitable for the Chinese players?
Gu Qing: operators Korean game Tiancity a rich experience, and its purpose is to game playing in line with the Chinese player gaming habits and give Chinese players bring more happiness game. a happy planet neighborhood committees
Sina game: leisure community online operators before century Tiancheng operators the CSOL and Kart class competitive online games distinction Where? What is the difference between domestic community classes online?
Gu Qing: with competitive category of online games in the way they operate, the main difference is that we need more players to interact, and more amount to generate exchanges between players.
can learn through the Happy Planet official website, each page is
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buy rs money rs gold
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