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 buy rs money rs gold

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Sina exclusive review of the game: the game in the online games market in recent years, regardless of type or screen technically been a substantial upgrade, In addition, players forum exposed the controversy will affect the game in career preferences occupational balance.
Sina Game News, August 19, at 19:08 on August 19th, the technology developed by KAILESI 2.5D Action online game Technical tests. Test on the eve of the game Sina exclusive bring the latest weapons and roles suit the design of the original painting, from the design point of view, the continuation of the classical elements of the legendary game classic.
Legend secret pass weapons of the original painting exposure

Legend secret pass weapons of the original painting exposure

Legend secret pass weapons original painting exposure

In addition, the test on the eve of the official forum of the legendary secret pass players for a career in the game balance triggered a discussion of the main differences is that the fighters in the game, mages and priests three core occupation, continuation of the legendary series PK main concept of the game due to the legendary secret pass, leading to the early development of the warrior, the late development of the Master of the career planning problem. The editors believe that this began to take shape in the 3D martial arts class online games have been lagging behind, according to the idea of ??career planning and design skills. The reason is that the lack of adequate long-term test - for example, more than one year, the balance of the test period, vocational skills and set imbalance will lead to late game skills tuned, is not conducive to safeguarding the interests of the old players.
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buy rs money rs gold
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