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 buy rs gold gw2 gold

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brandishing swords , Instinct ! Port diffuse adaptation of the 3D martial arts MMORPG characters Swordsmen equipment variety , can be equipped with weapons , clothes , hats , wristband , belts , shoes , necklaces , amulets , rings , each role can be equipped with a total of nine parts each 10 different pieces of equipment . equipment

In addition to distinguish the level of equipment can rely on the color quality players , but also in accordance with the equipment Name Suffix selection more diverse , a combination of changes is also more abundant .
the Equipment Quality four master
the white fitted as an ordinary general equipment , only in accordance with the martial art of attack and defense functions corresponding the green containers addition additional basic attributes required by the martial art , purple fitted with orange loaded the ability of the additional properties in accordance with the attribute types , and different classification into two , epic , orange loaded subdivided into three, players can select favorite types of equipment in accordance with their own different types of collocation .
a strong crit comic crit
put armed , to take up arms , picking up guns , 18 weapons as you choose , your strength , Zhongyuan last hope !
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buy rs gold gw2 gold
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