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 buy rs money rs gold

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Three Kingdoms fighting spirit four screen style, each style of their own characteristics, could see that have been carefully designed, can adapt to different players. Fighting spirit is the fighting part of the game play, the origins of the name of the After the players can release a strong fit skills, you can see this point in the game videos. the cartoon effect
this war spirit system although let the battle of the game more interesting, but now seems a bit old-fashioned, just a battle of the auxiliary and can not meet the of most players can consider allowing Fighting spirit for more interaction with the players. the classic effect
push instanced City battle but the bid to participate in impact players warm

city war after participating in the city war party would be able to enter a special city war map, which is similar to a copy of the city of war, will have different rules here. City of Three Kingdoms fighting spirit to the war points can be used to purchase a variety of siege equipment, summon the NPC soldiers, even the release of a powerful war skills, and that the war points in the city war, and then consumed in the city war. games fighting
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buy rs money rs gold
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