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  Sina China Online Game Ranking About

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. The game screen can be very fine indeed a rare 3D gaming. Mention this is with the old engine was developed, people had its heart admiration. The game depicted in the role, scene decoration, to do the very place, gorgeous skills to combat a sense of true. Of course, it is the defects that the scene portrayed is not enough detail, part of the ground there will be a mosaic phenomenon, there are a lot of modifications and as dead, such as leaves, grass, and even does not move, completely just decoration.

die game, with this picture, really easy. The game screen is clear and bright, role portrayed delicate. Scenes aspects of the ground and sky modified slightly rough, but the magnitude of the scene is still very place, coupled with a sufficient number of modifications, can also be counted on is to look at the past. But the game skills modified, and the monster, NPC depicted enough in place, looks very rough.

The game as a pure 2D modeling, role-playing game is really very delicate screen. From the characters, scenes, NPC, monster, depicted very place. In similar games, this is absolutely count on is outstanding. However, in terms of modification of the scene, the game is still slightly flawed. Many local scene very large, but with few modifications, it makes the whole scene looks empty desert, very awkward.

Battle pioneer. Game should actually is Korea recently arguing the very popular Delicate screen of the game, the true trajectory, the scene is very fresh, unlike some other shooter scene just blindly cottage. A very high degree of simulation of the game, either when shooting or walking, or even shot, there are some real action occurs. Friends used to playing CS series of games may be the moment can not accept this for, but as time goes on, I think the game is not the lack of players.

OL The online version of the game is a classic stand-alone game Features of the game is very distinctive, is divided into two modes, but also very effective combination in together. The two modes are role-playing strategy. In the domestic online games market, is still rare, almost did not see before. Just Dungeon system, had let his outstanding characteristics. The so-called underground city, is the player's own castle can be built that can be tapped, waging war, and so is also closely linked with the interests of the players themselves. Players train this castle takes a long time, not possible success. Role-playing aspects, its specific But unfortunately, other aspects of the game do mediocre, especially some in-depth system in role-playing, such as equipment to build, Rising Star and the like, are nothing new.

Sina China Online Game Ranking About

Sina China Online Game Ranking CGWR (China Games Weight Rank) is the most authoritative, most professional, most fair game list. The list is the principle of
Sina China Online Game Ranking brings together Europe, America, Japan, Korea, and China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) is operating and testing network game products and game in eight large projects, 20 small projects after the breakdown - by contrast, to achieve a true evaluation of the game
rated the world game, the measured the products depth of - Sina China Online Game Ran
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Sina China Online Game Ranking About
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